123Tag 6.1.0

123Tag 6.1.0: MP3/MP4 Tag advanced edit &  file rename, audio Catalog, manage playlists 123Tag is an easy-to-use and powerful Tag editor and file renamer for MP3,MP4,WMA and many other audio formats, useful to manage and catalog all your music files. Find and catalog all the music files stored on PC drives, discover audio files and create classifications from the embedded tags. Catalog flexible reports. Embedded player, playlist creation and management. Retrieve tags, lyrics and images from MusicBrainz database and Google search.

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Anasil 3.2

Anasil is a software network analyzer and protocol decoder for distributed Ethernet networks. System architecture is based on remote Agent modules what enables IT managers to monitor and manage a multi-segment networks and control stations remotely. Anasil consists of three modules: network discovery and mapping, network traffic monitoring and frame capturing, network event recording and alerting

mapping, network, frame, monitor, remote, troubleshooting, decoder, http, alerting, control, traffic, inventory, anasil

The Radio Bar 1.0: Free Software For Listening Music. Disco, Rap, Rock. 1.0 Ver
The Radio Bar 1.0

Free Software For Listening Music. Disco, Rap, Rock. You can also use the searching form 1.0 Ver

audio, affiliate program, music, online, disco, radio

Abee Compare MP3 0.91: Compare the tags of mp3 files and find mp3 files with the same or similar tags.
Abee Compare MP3 0.91

discover such alike mp3 files. Program can discover all similar files on your hard drive, network drives, CD or DVD-drives. Sometimes the twin mp3 files occupy a lot of space on hard drive and this program will help you to find all similar mp3 files and delete it if you want. Program read mp3 tags and observe mp3 files with the same mp3 tags or with the like mp3 tags and displays all similar mp3 files in the one list where you can decide what you

mp3 tag comparer, determine same mp3, detect similar mp3, mp3 duplicate, discover like mp3, find similar mp3, find twin mp3, same mp3 observer

TennisManager 5.2: program to manage your tennis- or squascenter
TennisManager 5.2

full featured application to manage you tennis or squashcenter, Some Features : 1) Schedule reservations 2) Calculate reservations 3) Print Bill 4) Control reservations (overview,cancel aso.) 5) Give members discounts 6) Define different courtrentals for different timezones (happy hour aso.) 7) Generate daily acc and much more

finanz, software, squash, badminton, sport, tennis, management

Billard 6.01: program to manage your billardhall or billardparlor
Billard 6.01

full featured application to manage your billardhall or billardparlor, some features: calculate table runtime, calculate players runtime, look tablestatistic, administrate members, inventorylist, add drinks and foods, set different discounts, set different prices for timezones, different prices, adjustable for every currency, save and restore database, optional lightswitchmodul, free help from the developer

billard, timer, billardparlor, finanz, software, carambol, pool, sport, billiard, management, snooker

Outlook Express Email Saver 5.0: save your email the easy way, anywhere. Keep it safe and secure: it`s easy!
Outlook Express Email Saver 5.0

#1 Most Popular Outlook Express Utility ... save your email the easy way, to any drive, with automatic scheduled backups. Also save your Address Book and Internet Favorites! Anyone can create and restore email archives with Outlook Express Email Saver. BUY NOW! If you aren`t convinced, download it for FREE and discover how simple it is to protect your most important resource -- your information.

email tool, save outlook express, archive, e mail, outlook express, save email, save e mail, outlook express email, outlook express tools

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